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Poster: stratocaster Date: Nov 27, 2006 2:57pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: If you are going to trade tapes, be cool

definitely have winessed my share of freaks at shows/ campgrounds, etc. always weird shit going on...sounds like this guy had a alcohol/ acid thing going on...

my brother and I once traded tapes with this dude...we first exchanged lists and all of his tapes were graded A+ or A, we were like "cool!" we did a 6 for 6 tape trade through the mail and we sent him 6 of the crispiest soundboards we could muster (we were conservative on grading we never gave out A+)...we got our tapes in the mail and were anxious to get jammin to some "A+" tapes...well, the tapes were brutal...all of them...unlistenable...the best was maybe a C- being kind...we never heard from the dude again...I think we used the tapes for deadhours...

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Poster: Scrim Date: Nov 27, 2006 3:14pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: If you are going to trade tapes, be cool

I know what you mean about grading. I once hooked up with this guy who had thousands of tapes, his whole living room wall was a custom made tape rack. But he was more into trading to get the shear volume of shows, and not so much the best recordings. I was giving him my best, and all I was getting was mediocre stuff. True, it was stuff that I asked for, but it wasn't graded properly. And what was a little discouraging was that he never commented on the quality that I was giving him. I suppose in a way, we always trade our best fishing for some complimnets: "Dude, that was the best sounding '73 I ever heard! How did you get such a low gen soundboard??"

With the LMA and torrents, trading through the mail has no interest for me anymore. But I'm glad it's still happening. Jeesh, most everything going around lately is the best copy I have ever heard. I'm humbled with what I got.

Trade on folks, and by golly, if you are first time traders, don't whelsh on your promises! (Wait until you get their trust!) (OK, not funny...)